2021 Campaign: Supporting Our Pharmacists

Supporting our Pharmacists in their Care for the Community

In 2021, we want to celebrate our pharmacists and acknowledge the role they play in supporting our community. For decades, pharmacists have provided essential care as part of community management of chronic diseases

Pharmacists provide essential care, advice and guidance as part of the community management of chronic diseases, including hepatitis. Without pharmacists, it would be more difficult to provide care to marginalised populations who don’t have access to a GP.

Role of Pharmacists

  • Supply medicines for the treatment of hepatitis B and the cure of hepatitis C
  • Create an opportunity to increase access to care
  • Help spread the message and advice on hepatitis:
    • Screening
    • Treatment
    • Risk Factors
    • Education
    • Medicines

Pharmacists also provide essential care for the management of chronic diseases and help people take greater control of their health. This campaign will highlight, identify and acknowledge pharmacists for the pivotal role they play in caring for the community. It will help people realise that their pharmacist plays one of the most important roles in the management of their health.

We want to thank pharmacies and pharmacists for their invaluable support in caring for our community, for both hepatitis and general health.

Are you at risk of hepatitis?

You are at risk if you have:

  • a history of injecting drug use
  • tattoos or piercings
  • received organ, tissue or blood pre-1990
  • been born in a country with high hepatitis rates
  • an intimate sexual partner with hepatitis
  • occupational exposure to blood

There is treatment for hepatitis B and a cure for hepatitis C. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist and find out your risk or call (08) 9227 9805 for more information.

Project Leads

  • Deen Clinic
  • Curtin Medical School
  • Genotyping Australia