Our Staff

HepatitisWA Staff Mandate

HepatitisWA is made up of a team of diverse and dedicated members, staff and volunteers in a friendly and open culture where everyone is welcome. A variety of cultures, nationalities and careers in one place to help you as best as we can.

Our mission is to provide education, clinical excellence, innovation and leadership as a community service in the fight against viral hepatitis.

Our Values:  All clients and staff will be treated with dignity and respect.

We stand for:

  • Confidentiality of client information,
  • A non-judgemental and non-discriminatory approach to clients,
  • Harm reduction as the basis of primary prevention,
  • Strategic alliances with relevant groups and organisations,
  • Services of high quality based upon professionally trained staff and volunteers,
  • An holistic approach to client needs, their carers and
  • Health as a right, not a privilege

  Staff Members

Brent Bell

Chief Executive Officer

Brent is our Chief Executive Officer, and is the link between the organisational Governance and Operations. He is responsible for the use of brand, strategy, and risk for HepatitisWA. He enjoys being home with his family, spending summer days at the beach, and simple things in life such as nachos and beer.

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Amanda van der Meulen

Business Manager

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Angela Crawford

Operations Manager

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Ali Lori

Clinical Care Coordinator

Ali has been with HepatitisWA since 2015 starting off her career as a volunteer herself. Now employed as the Clinical Care Coordinator, she has a strong passion for harm reduction and working with the vulnerable people in our community. Amongst other projects, Ali has worked with HepatitisWA in the Hepatitis B program, delivering education workshops to CALD communities and still currently facilitates the HIP HOP program in our Perth prisons.

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Amanda Siebert

Hepatitis B Community Engagement Officer

Amanda’s background and postgraduate qualifications are in Health Promotion, Community Development, Addiction Studies and Counselling. She has worked in a variety of roles including Client Case Management at the AIDS Council, Program Coordinator at the Cancer Council and for the past five years, developing and extending the Hepatitis B program for HepatitisWA.

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Andrew Szabo

Deen Clinic Nurse

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Donna Garcia

Needle & Syringe Program Officer

Donna is a Torres Strait Islander woman, born and raised in Perth. After raising 9 children of her own, and losing her oldest sister to an overdose, she wanted to know more about helping injecting drug users. She started as a Volunteer (2017) and is now the NSP Coordinator. She enjoys knowing that she’s helping reduce the risk of people transmitting blood-borne viruses.

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Jacqueline Del Bravo

Regional Workforce Development Officer

Jacqueline coordinates one of HepatitisWA’s flagship clinical projects in the EC Australia Regional Clinical Development initiative, working directly with GP practices, pharmacies, Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS), and other primary health networks. Previously Jacqueline has worked as the hep C practice manager for HepatitisWA’s Deen Clinic, and facilitated hepatitis screening clinics in partnership with Street Doctor and other sector organisations. A qualified phlebotomist and lecturer in AOD and mental health matters, Jacqueline now brings her skills and knowledge to the EC Australia network.

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Pete Townsend

Volunteer Officer

Pete has lived and worked in Australia, the UK, Germany and Spain in a variety of people-focused industries including airlines, travel, event management, and teaching meditation. Having lived experience of the early days on the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and of Hepatitis C, it was the loss of his life partner to a combination of cancer and Hepatitis C that led him to return to his native Perth. Pete says “Becoming a volunteer and being involved in health promotion presentations helped me to regain meaning in my own life and has led me to become the Volunteers’ Officer. Working with our amazing team of volunteers, giving back to the community and supporting the organisation this way is both a huge privilege and brings me so much joy.

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Matthew Armstrong

Workforce Development Officer

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