HepatitisWA has successfully executed the first stage of the Business Continuity Plan in response to COVID-19. This means from the 25th of March 2020, the measures outlined below were put into place to protect the staff while still delivering contracted services to the community. 

1. Most staff at HepatitisWA will be working from home, with only the NSP and Deen Clinic services operating from our office in Northbridge.  

2. All volunteers have been stood down until further notice.  

3. NSP services will be open from 10.00 to 14:00 each day for the provision of harm reduction packs, hygiene products, and food parcels to our clients. NSP staff will pass these items to clients through the door, replacing our walk-in service until further notice. Staff will follow recommended precautions for PPE and hand hygiene when handing out care parcels and provide messaging around infection control measures on the street.  

4. Deen Clinic clients currently on treatment will continue to be supported via phone consultations, follow up calls, and advice, however testing and treatment services for new clients are suspended until further notice.  

5. Hepatitis Helpline will continue to operate.  

6. Workforce, Community, and Health Promotion Education sessions are still available via online delivery platforms until further notice.  

7. Prison education sessions will be delivered within Government recommended guidelines.  

8. HepatitisWA staff are no longer meeting face to face with their networks but are participating in meetings via Zoom Chat as scheduled.  

9. All staff are contactable via usual email addresses and phone lines have been diverted for answering remotely.  

10. HepatitisWA has established a Pandemic & Epidemic Team (PET) to monitor changes in government recommendations and sector needs. They meet twice a week for ongoing strategic planning and consultation with the Board.  

11. HepatitisWA Board of Directors are meeting frequently to review recommendations and opportunities.  

12. All questions regarding changes in operating services are to be directed to the CEO, Brent Bell.  

These are unprecedented times and HepatitisWA is continually adjusting its position and taking the necessary steps to prioritise the wellbeing of both staff and community. We will continue to update our funding bodies and stakeholders with important information as we navigate through this season.