• Test, Cure, Live


        Test Cure Live Campaign HomeCampaignsCampaigns   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur id pulvinar leo, id condimentum nulla….

  • Treat It, Beat It


        Treat It. Beat It. Campaign HomeCampaignsCampaigns   Baby Boomers are being targeted in the new HepatitisWA campaign “Treat it. Beat…

  • Hep C Cure Available


        Hep C Cure Available Now Campaign HomeCampaignsCampaigns   HepatitisWA has launched a new state-wide campaign to coincide with Hepatitis Awareness Week…

  • Go… See Your GP


        Go… See Your GP Campaign HomeCampaignsCampaigns   The “Go… See Your GP Campaign” is an initiative from HepatitisWA in the wake of new hepatitis…

  • Speak Out


        Speak Out Campaign HomeCampaignsCampaigns   Many people have experienced stigma or discrimination because they are living with hepatitis B or…

  • Save a life by Drinking a Coffee


      HepatitisWA wants to grow awareness in the local community about the new lifesaving hepatitis C treatment. After discovering an organisation called Paper Cup…

  • What It Means to Have HIV


    (Video – 5.45 min) HepatitisWA with the support of Health WA (Department of Health) and in consultation with a number of organisations…

  • Personal Perspective: Rod’s Story

    Campaigns, Personal Perspective

    HepatitisWA recently had the pleasure of interviewing Perth man Rodney about his personal journey with hepatitis C. Who is Rod? I consider…

  • Hep C Testing: Knowing Is The First Step


    Many thousands of people in Australia have hep C but don’t’ know they have it. This may be because people don’t understand…

  • My Health Record


    My Health Record is an online database designed to keep all your medical records in one place, operated by the Australian Government. This…