Speak Out Campaign


Many people have experienced stigma or discrimination because they are living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

Stigmatising or discriminating against another person, or a group of people,can be subtle or sometimes direct and is often because other people fear or do not understand viral hepatitis.Regardless, this can have devastating effects for the person living with hepatitis.

By sharing your experiences of hepatitis related stigma and discrimination we can start to create change.

Speak Out Campaign

This campaign's aim was to reduce the stigma surrounding hepatitis by encouraging people who had hepatitis to speak about their experiences to raise awareness and increase support.

The Speak Out questionnaire enables us to collect some valuable information that will help inform strategies to address stigma and discrimination and provides an opportunity for you to share your experiences with others.

This time around Speak Out is also open to those who may have witnessed a person with hepatitis being subject to stigma or discrimination. This could be a carer, partner, relative or a support worker.

Speak Out allows you to tell your story in a way that is confidential. While we do hope to share your story here on the website we do ask you if this is OK and how you would like your story signed. When sharing your story with us it important to talk about the context of the situation but please remember this is not an opportunity to name and shame those involved. To ensure privacy any names used in your story (people or services) will be removed or altered.

If you have experienced hepatitis related stigma or discrimination and would like to discuss this with someone you can contact the hepatitis organisation in your state or territory on 1800 437 222.