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HepatitisWA services

HepatitisWA (Inc) is a not-for-profit community-based organization. We are committed to raising community awareness in relation to viral hepatitis, assisting in obtaining the best possible care and support, and reducing discrimination and stigma related to people living with viral hepatitis.

Our vision:

To provide leadership in developing a world where people affected by viral hepatitis are able to maximize their health and well being; and where viral hepatitis will be eliminated.

Our purpose:

To respond effectively to the needs of people affected by viral hepatitis, and to enhance community awareness, health and wellbeing through information dissemination, education, support and advocacy in relation to viral hepatitis.

Our services include:

Information and Support: provides confidential information and support services for people at risk of, affected by or living with viral hepatitis. Appointments can be made with our Support Officer on (08) 9227 9806 or by email at: support@hepatitiswa.com.au.

Hepatitis Helpline: provides confidential telephone information and support service which is available to the general community during working hours Monday to Friday. Contact Metro: (08) 9328 8538; Country: 1800 800 070.

Health Promotion: provides a range of information and education initiatives through seminars and workshops to the general community.

Multicultural Services: provides a range of health information and education services regarding hepatitis B to targeted culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) groups in the community.

Workforce Development: provides a range of workshops aimed at any workforce or workplace. Workshops are tailored to client needs and may include: transmission and prevention, needle and syringe program enhancement or occupational health and safety issues.

Needle & Syringe Program: provides limited quantities of sterile injecting equipment free of charge to people who choose to inject drugs. The aim of needle and syringe programs is to ensure sterile injecting equipment is available in the community so that people who inject drugs are not obliged to share equipment, thereby minimizing the risk of coming in contact with blood borne viruses.

Prisoner Education: provides sexual health and blood borne virus prevention education to assist in people in prison or detention staying safe whilst in prison or detention.

Resources & Website: We have a comprehensive range of printed resources available from on order via our website. Our website contains a range of comprehensive information in relation to viral hepatitis as well as links to other reputable sites.

Enquiries: For information about how we can provide an information or education workshop for your community group, school or workplace, or for further information on our services contact us on (08) 9227 9802.

Visit us at: 134 Aberdeen St, Northbridge 6003

Call us on: (08) 9227 9802