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Hepatitis C cure available now –

For World Hepatitis Week (Monday 24th to 28th July 2017), HepatitisWA has invested in a community awareness campaign regarding the new hepatitis C treatments which can provide a cure for people living with hepatitis C.

Western Australians are being urged to get tested and treated for hepatitis C. There are approximately 20,000 people in Western Australia that are affected by hepatitis C, with 200,000 affected nationally.

Speaking ahead of World Hepatitis Day (28th July 2017), Executive Director of HepatitisWA, Frank Farmer said that “There are medicines available now that can lead to the elimination of hepatitis C in future”.

Mr Farmer said that Australia must take advantage of the opportunity to treat hepatitis C and help prevent associated liver disease.

The Federal Government now provides affordable access to breakthrough antiviral medicines which can cure hepatitis C in just 12 weeks, with few side-effects and is effective in curing hepatitis C in more than 95% of people. Many people living with the virus remain unaware treatment has changed dramatically and have not yet sought out a cure.

Australia is leading the world regarding hepatitis C treatments accessibility by making them available through community based GPs and Nurse Practitioners with no restrictions on patients. If Australia can maintain the momentum regarding the uptake of hepatitis C treatments, elimination of hepatitis C in Australia is possible in the coming decades.

“We have been given this wonderful opportunity and together we can eliminate hepatitis C and help thousands of Australians live a longer and healthier lives.” said Mr Farmer.

HepatitisWA is hosting a breakfast reception on World Hepatitis Awareness Day to launch the Community Awareness Campaign.

For more information on hepatitis C and the treatments that are available, please contact your GP or go to www.hepatitiswa.com.au.


For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Frank Farmer on (08) 9227 9805 at HepatitisWA.

HepatitisWA Media Release July 2017